Tempurpedic Pro Align Medium


Every night on your Tempur-Pedic Pro Align Medium mattress is like a holiday from a hectic and stressful day. Your sleep environment is a safe haven from all the cares of your day.

From the moment you lie down until you wake up, every Tempur-Pedic Pro Align Medium mattress responds to your body shape, weight, and temperature for up to 2x more pressure-relieving power than any other brand. Tempur-Pedic mattresses dramatically reduce motion transfer between you and your partner. We trust you will receive unconditional love from your TEMPUR mattress night after night for many years. Your best night awaits you!

The Tempur Pro Align Medium offers a Premium Knit, Easy Refresh Super-Stretch top cover with moisture wicking fibres to draw moisture away from the body to help keep sleepers dry and comfortable. It’s simple to remove, wash and replace.

The Cool-To-The-Touch Temperature Control phase change material just beneath the cover draws heat away from the body to help keep sleepers comfortable during the night.

The Tempur Pro Align Medium features the Original TEMPUR® Comfort Layer – advanced adaptability for truly personalized comfort and support and the TEMPUR-APRTM Support Layer offers the most pressure relieving TEMPUR® material ever created for deeper more rejuvenating sleep.

TEMPUR material is an open celled viscoelastic, pressure relieving and temperature sensitive material that adapts to the exact contours of your body. Enjoy the unmatched performance of TEMPUR® material – designed and purpose-built for incomparable comfort.

All mattresses create a custom fit for your body, virtually eliminating painful pressure points and reducing your body’s need to toss and turn in search of a comfortable, pain-free sleeping position. They feature the proprietary TEMPUR material, which conforms to the weight and warmth of your body to offer pressure relief and personalized support.

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