TEMPUR Simplicity™ Mattress


Set $2199.99

Set includes mattress and foundation



TEMPUR Simplicity™ Mattress

The proven quality, long-lasting comfort, and contouring support only Tempur-Pedic® can deliver at a surprisingly affordable price.


  • Firm feel
  • TEMPUR-Essential™ comfort layer with contouring support
  • 8" mattress height
  • Breathable, removable/washable knit cover
  • Clean, simple design

TEMPUR Simplicity™ benefits

TEMPUR-Essential™ material offers the core Tempur-Pedic benefits at a surprisingly affordable price

  • Deeper, more restful sleep: TEMPUR® material minimizes pressure points, reducing tossing and turning, so you relax more fully
  • Contouring support: contours to your exact shape to support your entire body evenly
  • Undisturbed sleep: absorbs motion, so your movement is less likely to disturb your sleep partner
  • No maintenance: no flipping or rotating your mattress
  • Resistant to allergens and dust mites
  • 25-Year Limited Warranty: returns to its original shape, night after night, for years of sound sleep

Recommended with (sold separately) 

  • Ecru MicroSuede Foundation

* Heights are approximate


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